Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm selling Reaper Bones and WoW boardgame figures (and other cheap minis)

So in a fit of eBay-induced enthusiasm, I now possess around 350 cheap plastic fantasy minis in heroic 28mm scale, and I plan on selling most of them. I'll eventually put these on eBay, but I thought I'd offer them up here. I'll sell most of the Bones miniatures for half off MSRP, or less if you buy them in presorted lots. I also have a few large Bones for sale, including Rauthuros the demon and Boerogg Blackrime the frost giant.

For the WoW figures (great cheap gaming minis which I discuss here), I'll sell the large figures and heroic minis for a dollar a piece, or two for a buck for the smaller monsters. I also have a few Arcane Legions and D&D Miniatures I'd like to sell, plus some leftover toy cavemen figures that can be used for ogres, giants and the like.

See what I have for sale here, along with instructions for how to buy. Enjoy!

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