Friday, October 17, 2014

The Gnoll Set

The mods are complete, and the gnoll squad is fully assembled! As I mentioned before, these are mostly Alliance elves with heads and tails from World of Warcraft boardgame minis. Getting some Splintered Light 18mm hyenamen might have been simpler, but this is the stuff I had on hand.

I had taken a bunch of pix, but unfortunately a lot of them are blurry, and as they've been primed already I can't retake them. Here are the ones that turned out all right.
The backline: Archers and magic-user. The gray figures are Arcane Legions mummies.
The frontline, viewed from behind. I'm reserving judgement on the manes I sculpted until they're painted. Right now they look crude, although I do like the mohawk look. It fits with the snarling anarchic vibe I picture for these guys. Punk gnolls!
Sven trying to fit in. The green guy is the original boardgame piece with a Warhammer Skaven bit for a sword. I like how this turned out.
Primed and ready for painting. It almost looks like they were made this way originally!
No idea when these will get painted, but the sooner the better. More posts coming soon on other topics. Watch this space!


  1. waiting to see them painted !

    (in the 3rd picture: "Poor Sven" !! I'm sad for him .... )