Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ogre eager

Christmas is always a busy time, but now that the season is over, I had time to finish this guy.

It's a troll from the Mines of Moria set by Games Workshop, for their Lord of the Rings game. I got it cheap along with some other used bits from the set in an eBay lot. I painted it as a generic fantasy ogre creature. The sculpt is great, but the figure required assembly, and the lines between the kit parts are quite visible. I had tried to fill them with wood glue, but I probably needed putty to do a thorough job.

Painting was pretty easy. I like the skin tone, and the way the face turned out. My blackwash came out a little blotchy and uneven. Also, because I am on principle a lazy painter, I resorted to drybrushing to paint the scales or warts or whatever they are on the ogre's back, which looks okay yet fairly sloppy.

Still, for a quick paintjob, the figure looks alright on the table.

Here's the comparison shot with Sven the 1/72 comparison viking. That's one menacing creature!

Sven always regrets when he has to deliver a pizza in Moria.


  1. So impressive...and beautiful!

  2. Poor Sven... lol Great painting on both "pizza boy" and his tough costumer! Cheers!

  3. Wonderfull painted figure!