Saturday, October 1, 2016

More News! (Alliance trolls, Caesar orcs, mystery Strelets)

Here are a few quick news items to complement my last news post. First, Alliance released previews of their first troll set.

This earlier preview shows that these will be large enough for scales larger than 1/72. They look pretty good, plus 8 large minis for less than the $15 Alliance sets tend to retail for is a really good deal! Now we just need to wait for images of the "balrogs" they promised.

Second! Caesar released these preview shots of their next orc set.

Via Michigan Toy Soldiers.
The heavy blacklining makes the detail look a little exaggerated, but I think these are compatible with Caesar's now sort-of classic set (which now seems OOP). Pretty nifty! The old set was heavy on the primitive-looking orcs; these aren't exactly civilized, but seem to be a better mix of armored and unarmored. Note the chieftan/shaman dude in front.

Last bit of news: As noted in this forum thread, Strelets has a new "campaign" (i.e. historical era) listed on their site. This one is mysteriously called, er, "Mystery." There's nothing there currently, but such a heading invites speculation. The aforementioned thread suggests Strelets may be jumping into fantasy or some other non-historical genre, which seems like a natural conclusion. Of course we'll have to see, but it's worth keeping an eye on.


  1. I really hope the orc catapult set is a Standard "warmachine with Crew" and not something along the lines of the things in the last Hobbit film (and shown on the box art)
    Wether strelets will go into Fantasy ???..I hope so but I don´t think so..they did a mystery blurred set which turned out to be WWII Indians so it could be they are trying the mystery Thing as a fun "wait and see" promo.
    Still, wether they (strelets) do start a Fantasy line it´s still Great times for 1/72nd Fantasy many new sets recently, caeser and redbox?--7?

    PS..the Redbox site has been down for nearly a week now!

    1. Ah, so it may not be that big a scoop after all! Thanks for the bit of relevant background.

      Yep, I notice RedBox was down when copying image links for this post and had to use another source. The Amazon images from my last post are still loading for me, but they might be cached.

  2. Great news indeed! I am waiting for these sets from Germany this week!!
    At leasts cimmerians and Amazns.. Trolls must wait!,

  3. Just ordered Caesar Orcs from the East. Alliance figures listed on eBay now!

  4. I just got the Orch 2. They are great! much detail. about 12 different poses, 3 each except Shaman 2 boss 1. They look better when not dunked in ink.

  5. So, what fantasy plastics do we have to look forward to next? Four more Alliance trolls, probably crew for Orc catapult? How about Caesar?


    1. Did you hear about the new Caesar elves? I just heard about them from another reader.