Monday, March 25, 2013

Kobolds - work in progress

I probably won't get much more painting until after Easter, but I had a little time to splash some more paint on my kobolds. These are plastic Bones miniatures from Reaper. You can get a pack of six for $3 or less in many places, which is my ideal average cost per mini. They only come with three poses, but the plastic is soft and flexible, so modding and reposing is pretty easy.

These guys aren't quite presentable and have a lot of clumsy splotches I need to paint over (the secret to a great paintjob is in the editing, I've found). Still, I thought I'd share.

These guys all had the same pose originally. Most of these mods involved bent limbs and chopped-off weapons. I also cut off and reposed a couple heads, so not every pose was so flat. Obviously the most radical mod is the sorcerer on the left. I think my attempt to dress him in Milliput arcane robes turned out okay, even if he looks a little lumpy. The totem comes from an Italeri Barbarian figure, which you may have seen before on this blog.

Again, these minis are all the same sculpt. Originally all the shields were raised like the guy on the left. I bent them and pinned them in place in a more usefully defensive pose.

I couldn't think of a way to repose the spears. Reaper claims that you don't need to prime their Bones figures, so since I didn't do any reposing, I tried painting these guys unprimed. The colors looked a little different, but I found the paint actually stuck better to these guys than their primed cousins (which makes me doubt the efficacy of my primer!).

Here's a kobold with Sven the comparison Viking and a goblin from Caesar Miniatures. Even though the Reaper figures are 28mm, they are about the same size as the 1/72 goblins. They are a little chunkier, and their weapons are bigger, but I think they'll look fine at the table.


  1. Nice looking crew. Reaper's goblins are the same price as the kobolds and are way cool too.