Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Arcane Legions on super-secret-double-liquidation

I've written about Arcane Legions before: they're a touchstone of my cheap fantasy minis collection. They're now even cheaper: Miniature Market has just slashed their already low price for Arcane Legions Roman, Egyptian, and Han booster bricks, from $24 to $12. That's around 60 prepainted 1/72 fantasy minis for 20 cents a figure. I mean, wow. Plus, they still have a few copies of the core set: 120 unpainted minis for $15.

Not only are these great minis for cheap; there are only a few of them left for grabs. If you have any interest in 1/72 fantasy minis, you ought to take advantage of this deal now. Otherwise you're going to feel quite silly later, and you don't want that.

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