Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bones II Kickstarter launched, funded!

So you've probably heard about this:

It was funded in under three minutes. It looks like they'll have trouble keeping up with the stretch goals on the main page, so if you really want to stay up-to-date, be sure to check out the Kickstarter's update page.

So we all know that Reaper Bones are just about the best value out there for a variety of high-quality, 32mm gaming minis, but what's in it so far for the 1/72 cheap fantasy miniaturist? Well, there are a couple of small-sized heroes in the core set that could be useful, plus a good number of animals that are probably easily adaptable. The "Dungeon Monsters" should be great, as aberrations adapt well to any scale. The Dragon add-on will be usable (though they've made plenty of dargons already); even more so the Kraken. I'm somewhat less enthused about all the bugbears and gnolls, as those figures don't work well at all in my chosen scale, but I can't say I blame Reaper for expanding these popular hoard-type monsters. Also, I'm still waiting on more of the Ben Siens kobold sculpts, which are great and which I already know work well in 1/72.

All in all, an exciting morning! Watch this post for more updates.


-The ratmen should be great in 1/72 (though I already have a set of Skaven that should cover most of my ratmen needs), as should the dungeon terrain.

-Large Greek monsters! Perfect for even larger Greek monsters in 1/72!

-Beastmen! The minotaurs could be useful in 1/72, but I see less call for large goatmen. Also, giant demons will be rad giant-er demons in the smaller scale.

-The second batch of Pathfinder heroes includes a couple of tiny minis, great as 1/72 scale human-sized minis if they don't look too bobble-head-y.

-The gelatinous cube makes an appearance, along with some slime molds. It's clear, it's hollow, it makes everyone who recently spent $50+ on the used DDM counterpart feel a bit silly! I'm actually a little ambivalent about this since it's a $10 add-on, and as I'm pretty sure I can make cheaper, decent looking cubes out of these.

-The lesser demons could work well as greater-than-lesser demons in 1/72.

-And the clear blue plastic minis have arrived! This is the first must-have add-on for me.

-You wouldn't think the Savage World western minis would have a lot to offer to the cheap fantasy miniaturist, but those Tremors-style beasties actually complement the Dungeon Monsters quite nicely. Still, expect to see many of these on eBay.

-A bit of a lull (relatively speaking) in the updates, so some thoughts: The second Bones Kickstarter seems to be focusing somewhat less on character minis and more on larger monster. That's actually great news for the 1/72 fantasy enthusiast, as they are paradoxically a better fit for the smaller scale. A 32mm human looks odd next to a 20mm counterpart, but a 32mm-scale monster next to a 1/72-scale human just looks extra-large.

-And as if to make that last point, the latest update is hill giants. Nice (though I already have a hill giant solution for 1/72 scale)!

-More large demons! I'll probably pass: Agramon is pretty much all the large demon I need. But good news if you like large macabre hellspawn.

-I've been obsessing over table scenery, so the dungeon decor add-on is another must-have.

I have to go into the real world for a bit, so the live-blogging ceases here for now.

-What'd I miss?

Wow, both the Hatchlings and Swamp Things are all either really small or really big, so they're perfect for my purposes. And they're core!

It took me a moment to grok what the "Core Expansion" was all about. It's basically another core set, or an add-on that expands as funding increases. A nice way for Reaper to manage their costs while still capturing the excitement from last year of an ever-expanding core set. Now I've got to decide if I'll go for it.

-A new dawn, a new day of insane stretch goals. Actually, I bet we saw the steepest part of the funding curve, possibly excepting an end-of-Kickstarter funding push.

They haven't gotten started yet with updates, so I'll just observe: Either it's a coincidence, or referral spammers are drawn to popular topics on small blogs like mosquitos to water. Will no one rid me of these troublesome spammers?

-Nothing in the first Core Expansion is grabbing me as a must have. All the small figures are interesting and potentially useful, but nothing I need, while the big figures are either redundant (I think I have all the dragons I can paint), or strange. I thought the first update might push me, but zombies and Egyptian gods aren't useful to my peculiar purposes. We'll see what the second update is like.

-(10/7) Kobolds make the core expansion look a lot more attractive!

It may just be me, but I thought I noticed a slight uptick in recent pledges after a few sluggardly days. I imagine the fully revealed Core Expansion #1 might accelerate this trend a bit.

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