Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cheap Fantasy Minis gets (slightly more) social

Photo credit to Paul's Bods.
I'm a social media luddite, and would rather that this blog be a vehicle for sharing interest in my hobby, not my personal life. So I don't appreciate the way Google has been pushing Google+ into all its products and services. That's why I've been remiss in including more easy-to-use follower features, even though I'd like to make it easy to follow my blog. Luckily, thanks to this helpful tutorial, I've figured out how to resurrect Google's old, un-Plus follower gadget, which you can see on the right. If you prefer, you can still follow via email or subscribe via RSS feed using the gadgets at the bottom of this blog.

Out of curiosity, if you are a regular reader, how do you keep up with my blog? RSS? Bookmarks? The blogroll on your own blog? Posts I make on TMP or elsewhere? Haruspicy?

Also, may I take this opportunity to introduce this 1/72 -20mm fantasy Google+ page? Obviously it's not my doing: I found out about it when the guy who started it put up a very kind and flattering post on my ENWorld thread. Right now it's largely just him with some pretty cool stuff and ideas, but it's also worth a visit to see that Kris Richards is still painting 1/72 figures. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to participate without violating my precious anonymity, but hopefully it develops into a great place for fellow 1/72 fantasy enthusiasts (a niche within a niche if there ever was one) to meet and share ideas!


  1. I tried to stay anonymous but eventually they got me. I Keep up with your Posts mainly with the blog roll, or TMP ;-D

  2. I stayed away from all the social media stuff for quite a while myself - though I personally think that G+ isn't so bad (however, I don't think I'll ever see the point of twitter).

    Oh ...and as you can see by my little icon in members list, I've been keeping up with your updates by way of my blogger 'reading list' :)

  3. I have to google+1 this post :)
    I think that it's very difficult not to use a social network.
    Like Kristian, i think that G+ isn't so bad (I just can't stand facebook & twitter)

    How do I keep up with your blog ? Just typing "cheapfantasyminis" in my adress bar every day...

  4. I'm on google plus, and people know my last name, but I do like being just Sean. I also like to compartmentalize my life a little bit and share varied interests only with people that have the same interest, if that makes sense.