Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cheap Superhero Miniatures! (Zerboz)

I spotted these at Walmart months ago, and this post by indigo777 at the DM's Craft message boards persuaded me to try them out. Zerboz are licensed blind-packed superhero minis advertised at an inch high. Hey, that's almost 1/72 scale, the preferred scale of this blog, right? Well, it depends:
Some seem just about the right size (though Batman and Daredevil are a little bigger than they look due to their crouching positions).
Others are just a hair on the big side for the scale, though they'd probably be okay on the game table with properly 1/72 figures if you aren't picky like I am.
These fellas seem particularly apt for fantasy gaming. The Green Arrow makes a pretty good, if hyperbolically muscular, ranger. Gray Hulk would make a good freaky-strong antagonist, or maybe a golem of some kind. Zerboz also makes clear versions of all their figures, which can serve as nifty spirits and other incorporeal dudes.
I forgot to photograph Dr. Doom, who as indigo777's post shows makes a pretty good warforged (just a bit big for 1/72 unfortunately). The Thing would make a dandy rock monster, and a clear Storm in particular would be good for an air elemental (though she's also a little big for the scale).

When I was at Walmart a few weeks ago, they were still selling Zerboz on clearance for 50 cents a piece, though they had packed them all in a single display column and I had to hunt a bit to find what I wanted. I haven't tried painting them, but they're made from a slightly rubbery plastic that seems both sturdy and capable of showing a fair amount of detail. The fate of the Zerboz line seems uncertain, so if you are interested and can find them at the right price, get them while you can


  1. I've just discovered your blog. It's full of great ideas and useful information.

    1. Thanks! By the way, I got the idea for these cultists in part from the similar conversion work you showed here, so let me express my appreciation for your blog as well!