Sunday, June 15, 2014

CFM trolls for hits

Not the first troll pun on a mini/fantasy gaming blog, and probably not the last.

These are a couple of Reaper Bones trolls—I'm thinking of calling them Heinz and French. They were very quick to paint, as they are pretty much just troll skin with a loincloth and some other details. I've begun to use black spray primer instead of white, which is great for many reasons: the eyes and nostrils are untouched except for the primer and magic wash, for example, and I didn't have to tediously paint the bases. I also tried a simple repose on Heinz: the Bones plastic is soft and makes such mods very easy. Some woodglue and Milliput in the right places makes the change very hard to spot.

Comparison with Sven the 1/72 comparison viking. These aren't much bigger than the normal Reaper hero minis; they seem much more imposing and scary when confronting the smaller scale figure. I also like it when large figures appear to be looking down at punier antagonists.

Sven realizes that Trollheim was not just a colorful name on a map.
Coming soon: a heavily prolonged project is finally complete!

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