Tuesday, September 30, 2014


More gnoll puns where that came from.

Let me start by suggesting how you should do 1/72 scale gnolls, since my way is basically bonkers: Just some Splintered Light 18mm Hyenamen, either in units or the boxed set. They're almost exactly 18mm tall, so you can either use them unmodified and settle for short gnolls, or try to make taller using some of the techniques EY uses to adapt 18mm figures to 1/72 scale. It's maybe a buck a figure, and it's not much of a fuss.

So here's what I'm doing:

A work in progress, obviously. I'll need to fill in the gaps and maybe add some mane with Milliput. The bodies are Alliance elves. I bought a set when it seemed Caesar Miniatures had stopped producing their set of elves, and these were the only alternatives in plastic. I got them despite their having notoriously large and spindly poses, as I thought I could use the heads for swaps with human-sized bodies for less weird-looking elves and drow. Then I thought about what to do with the bodies and realized that one classic D&D fantasy monster with tall and lanky proportions were gnolls.

The heads and tails are from gnoll figures from the World of Warcraft boardgame. I managed to get a whole bunch of them cheap, though they're now hard to find. Maybe Skaven heads would make a good substitute?

On the right is the original figure. My original plan was to take this pose and do a bunch of weapon swaps for variety, but I think they would still look to much like clones. For a magic user and champion, I used Arcane Legions mummy figures—you can see their original heads on the shaman's totem. These are also tall and spindly, and while I'll have to fill in the more skeletal bits, I like that the leaders are even more wildly skinny.

Height comparison. You can see just how much taller than Sven these guys are. I'm planning on preserving one of the original figures as a brute, maybe swapping his basic sword with something a little more fierce and crazy-looking.

I'll do another post when I'm done with all the conversion. Hopefully I'll have time to paint them in relatively short order, but we'll see.


  1. Nice conversions. Caeser and Alliance have gone wild with the amount they are adding to thier Fantasy ranges...great stuff :-D

    1. Thanks! Hopefully I can clean them up a bit so they'll look even better.

      I can't wait to see what all those new models look like, especially the zombies, lizardmen, ratmen, and Amazons.

  2. Mage Knight gnolls also seems to be perfect. (look at this EY post : http://72-multiverse.blogspot.fr/2011/07/cross-between-gnomes-and-trolls.html).
    You might find a few of them on trollandtoad.com....

    1. They are just about the right scale. Not a lot of variety in poses, but sometimes cheaper than the Splintered Light minis. This guy was selling a bunch of them for a buck a piece with discounts for buying multiples, but he doesn't have the stock he used to.