Monday, December 8, 2014

General Gnoll-edge

(Thanks to Mrs. 1Mac for the pun).

I finished the gnoll magic user and leader. Again, these are Arcane Legions mummies with heads and tails from World of Warcraft boardgame minis, plus a fair amount of wood glue and Milliput. The heads on the magic-user's totem are the original mummy heads. The golden blob on the spear was the bit of Milliput I used to hide the bits of pins that I couldn't quite trim off; I have no idea what it actually represents, but it seems to work!

...and back.
Seen from above, where you can get a good look at them, and vice versa!
WIP shots of the other gnolls. These are made in the same way above, except most of the bodies are Alliance elves. The big guy in the bottom corner is the original piece with a weapon swap. The bottom pic turned out a little blurry, even with some clumsy Photoshopping attempts to fix it; Sorry!

I have a WIP thread at Benno's with some more pics of these guys being painted. This is a busy season for me, but hopefully I'll have a completed gnollish band soon.


  1. The command figures look fine to me! Go on!


  2. I like them. Bandy legged gnolls make more sense than bandy legged elves :P

    I've always wondered about gnolls having tails though... Certainly the Warcraft and new incarnation of gnolls are tailed, but the old pictures never showed them as having tails (from what I can remember).

    1. Thanks!

      Gnolls with tails are a bit like minotaurs with hooves, I guess; the trend being that beastmen are generally becoming more bestial. Not a bad thing, in my opinion; makes them seem more feral and scary.

  3. Love your mission of making 1/72 scale fantasy :D