Monday, December 22, 2014

Noeltide Gnoll Tide

Just in time for the holidays, the gnolls are done! Again, these are mostly Alliance elf bodies with heads and tails from World of Warcraft boardgame gnolls. I continue to suggest modding some Splintered Light hyenamen/gnolls for 1/72 scale, as this was an involved project. Still, I like the results.

The whole gang.
Showing off their tails in a non-rude, non-Braveheart sort of way.
Personalities: the commander, brute, and magic user. The brute is the original boardgame piece with a weapon swap from a Warhammer skaven. The others got their bodies from some Arcane Legions mummies.

Other melee troopers. The Alliance elves were all originally shod, but with paint and some knife-gouged toes I tried to make them look barefooted. A few had bootlaces, though, which I didn't bother to remove and just painted like shoes. Apparently being a demonic agent of evil chaos doesn't keep some gnolls from appreciating fine footwear.
Archers. The heads on some of these seem particularly large at this angle. At the table from above they seem fine, as the first pic on this blog shows.
Comparison shot with Sven. By design they are a bit on the tall side, as gnolls are supposed to be tall and lanky. I think the different figure sources mix well together.
Now I need to decide what fantasy horde I should contrive next. Angels and demons are one idea. Drow and duegar are another. Any preferences?


  1. Excellent conversions and painting work !! a great job ! congrats !
    I would like to see Angels ...
    .... and I wish you a Merry Christmas !

  2. These came out looking pleasantly savage! Clever use of the slightly-too-tall Arcane Legions Mummies, they're a great height for Gnolls.

    I guess its the yellow-orange paint and patchwork armor, but the center Gnoll makes me want a Beast-Man, Skeletor's minion type, miniature. Don't suppose you'd be game to do a He-Man and Skeletor conversion? Lots of oversized plastic cats around for Panthor and Battle-Cat too!

    1. Somehow I managed to not see the sentence specifying Drow or Angels and Demons as your next project, and thought it was an open ended request. My apologies. In that case, what are your plans for Drow? I saw someone do up some of the Arcane Legions Han troops as Elves, and they look like they'd be amazing Drow, especially those guys with the Star-Trek-esque double blades.

    2. Interesting! My plan was to just use elves, either Caesar elves or headswaps using leftover heads from this gnoll project (the bods are Alliance elves).

  3. They look fantastic! The big one is my favorite!