Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dungeon Forge in My Pocket: small-scale fantasy minis Kickstarter

Via CFM reader Carl is this intriguing Kickstarter. Dungeon Forge In My Pocket is an attempt to make a truly portable dungeon crawl for fantasy RPGs. It sort of reminds me of Rob Dean's Portable Fantasy Game project, and like PFG it relies on smaller-scale minis to accomplish it's goal.

Which scale is a bit of a mystery if you go by the Kickstarter description, but I asked Raúl the designer, and he kindly responded, "The height of a miniature of a human is fed up 20mm." Sounds to me like he means 20mm from toe to crown, around HO scale, which as we learned last month is a bit smaller than 1/72, the preferred scale of this blog. On the other hand, the dwarf is 15mm tall according to the Kickstarter page, while the minotaur (a stretch reward) is 25mm. As it happens the 1/72 dwarves from Caesar Miniatures are also around 15mm, and a 25mm minotaur would look human sized in 1/72. So while the humans may look a little small, there's plenty of potential for adaptability if you want to use them for 1/72 fantasy gaming.

You can see that the full set includes minis, dungeon tiles, and terrain, all cast in resin. The figures I'm a little ambivalent about; they seem a little static, like they were chess pieces or something (Carl says the style is reminiscent of the classic board game HeroQuest, so that may be why). Plus they are mostly for figure types I already have in 1/72. The terrain, on the other hand, is excellent; a variety of great pieces, all seldom seen in 1/72.

12€ (about $13.50 plus shipping) gets you the figures and terrain shown above, plus some duplicates. To get the tiles, case, and stretch goals, you need the 36€ level (about $40). That may wind up being a really good deal, depending on what future stretch goals are like.

The project comes out of Spain, for what it's worth. This is the designer's first Kickstarter, but he's already met his modest funding goal, and he already has prototype models of everything instead of 3D concept art, both of which are good signs. There's a week left of fundraising, so there's still plenty of time to jump in!


  1. Interesting find. The mummy and zombie look like they are direct lifts from Heroquest.