Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dollar Tree Halloween scenery for fantasy gaming

Tis the season! To raid dollar stores for cheap horror-themed bits for gaming! I picked up some resin bits at Dollar Tree several weeks ago, including some figures. The figures are way too large for 1/72 scale, the preferred scale of this blog, but at $1 for a set of three figures, I decided they were worth getting to experiment with.

As you can see, the painting is awful, but the poses and detail aren't terrible, so I think they hold some promise for repainting. I have them in groups of three, as per the 3-pack they came in; that is, each group was purchased as a single set. In the northwest, some mummies and a gargoyle. Northeast, a creepy tramp, witch, and werewolf. Southwest, two mad scientists and their assistant. And in the southeast, a Frankenstein-esque monster, some sort of goblin-person, and another creepy tramp or possibly a scarecrow. Again, most of these are too tall compared to Sven the 1/72 comparison viking (that gargoyle isn't bad, though), but they seem like they'd be great for more conventional 32mm figures. (Note that Sven is exactly 1" tall from foot to crown.)

Here are some scenery items, $1 each at Dollar Tree. The gazebo and gate are from last year, but they are selling basically the same pieces this year. I think they are a little too tall for Sven, though I can't imagine anyone broader than Sven fitting through that narrow gazebo doorway. The mausoleum on the right is more like it, if I can think of something to do with that spider on top.

Chris Palmer recently painted up some of the scenery items Dollar Tree sold last year, and I think they look pretty nice. Repainting can do a lot to reclaim the value of these pieces. When I bought these a few weeks ago, the folks at the store said they were already selling fast, so unfortunately I don't know if they are still in stock. If they are, get them while you can, or wait until next year!


  1. The lab assistant and "goblin" might make good ogres or trolls. You can saw the spider off if you don't like it. I have a fountain piece that used to have a dog as part of it - I just cut the dog off, did a little sanding/filing, and repainting.I'm going to have to visit the dollar store to look for some stuff too.

    BTW, do you have your contact info listed anywhere?

    1. Cool. Did you just use a razor saw or something like that? Were you worried about resin dust?

      My blog email is cfminissales "at" gmail "dot" com. I have it sort of hidden on my sales page.

  2. I do use a razor saw, but I'll use a coping saw if the part I'm cutting is not easily accessible with the razor saw. If I'm lazy, and the resin isn't too brittle, I will sometimes just use cutters to snap the pieces I don't want off; do a little filing, then repair with putty as needed.

    I'm not particularly worried about resin dust when I cut with hand tools, but rather than brush off any dust, I will rinse it away gently with a squirt bottle (into my trash bin).

    I do wear a mask when filing/sanding though, and I never use electric tools with resin.