Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fountain and Bridge

Here are some terrain pieces I finally finished painting last weekend. The first is a resin fountain by Airfix, first mentioned here.

Sven and Reaper fountain added for comparison.
Painting is done, though I'd like to add some water effects to the basin and fount. Painting was a simple gray basecoat and a few stones painted brown for contrast, with a couple layers of drybrushing and a blackwash to bring out details. Some of my drybrushing was a little coarse, but I'm very pleased with this overall.

Next is a nice bridge kit by Italeri. I think I first read about this kit on Sean's blog, though I can't find the post.

Even though it's marketed as 1/72, it's a pretty big bridge, probably designed for scale vehicles to drive over. It could definitely be used for larger-scale gaming.
The One Inch Guild square off against some pesky goblins for control of a key strategic landmark.
Sven hides from the obligatory bridge troll.
Painting was basically the same as with the fountain, though the drybrushing is even rougher here. The resin fountain had a nice stone texture that was completely absent from the Italeri plastic, so my drybrushing was really a sort of sloppy highlighting. The kit went together pretty well, though I had some issues getting the curved bed to fit in the sides, and the seems on the support bits at the base are pretty obvious. Still, this is an attractive, solid piece of terrain. I've already let my son play with it (while supervised!), and it handles toy cars going over it without a problem. Speaking of, here he is, helping daddy with the basecoat.

Little helper.
P.S. Thanks to those of you who posted comments this month. Sorry they are only going up just now. I only caught them in the "Awaiting Moderation" cue today. I love hearing from my readers, and I'll be more diligent about posting comments in the future.


  1. Your son !? It thought it was you, so we could at last understand your love for plastic toy soldiers :-)
    Very nice painting for both elements, you did a great job. One can believe they come from the same manufacturer

  2. I have that bridge, it works well for almost any period

  3. That bridge looks great, I've had trouble finding one large enough to be significant. Out of curiosity, how would you usually go about topcoating/sealing a terrain piece like the squidface fountain or your bridge?

    1. Thanks! I may live to regret it, but for now it seems a single application of Dullcoat does the job. The blackwash I use has some Future Shine in it, which also offers some protection. If I'm really worried, I might do a layer of pure Future Shine before the Dullcoat.

      Airfix has a nice-looking bridge that's even bigger than the Italeri one. Link

  4. Some fantastic pieces of scenery Mac! I put them on my wishlist! ;-)