Thursday, February 20, 2014

Twilight Creations demons as 1/72 monsters

I've mentioned these figures before. Twilight Creations, best known for their "Zombies!!!" games, put out a boardgame called Dante's Inferno, which fittingly includes a number of demonic monsters. Mike at Bunker Talk found out that they work pretty well with 1/72 figures, and Twilight Creations actually sells them separate from the core game for very cheap. I'm going to start a project with a few of these, so I thought I'd finally photograph them.
Here are all the poses. The Beelzebub figure on the far left is a bit on the large size, but there's only one of these per set. The other poses, of which there are four each per set, are a much better fit to Sven the 1/72 comparison viking. As you can see, the poses suggest all kinds of monsters: classic demons, medusas, gargoyles, and all sorts of other creeps.
Here's a closer look at the snake woman, along with a medusa archer from the Age of Mythology game and a Nuwa figure from Arcane Legions. The little imps on her arms make this a very peculiar figure, but luckily the pose makes modding easy, as I show with a simple arm swap using some Warhammer skaven bits.
The imps from the medusa can be salvaged with a bit of careful clever knife work. Here they are, along with the more classic demon figures from the set, plus some other devilish mods which I have previously discussed.
I like these figures a lot. They aren't exactly prize sculpts, but they have a lot of personality. The material is a little bendy, but much more durable than the famous zombie figures from the same company. They help to fill in a lot of monster types that would otherwise be difficult for the cheap fantasy miniaturist to find, and they are diabolically cheap (muwhahaha!). Now I just wish that the figures from Zombies!!! 12: Zombie Zoo were also separately available.


  1. TC had the zombie zoo figures for sale at their booth at Gen Con this year in 100pc baggies. Not sure if they will have them on their website. The Bump in the Night figures are worth looking into as well as there are a # of ghosts and phantoms

    1. I wound up buying the game for pretty cheap just to get the figures (Now I've got my eye on TC's Cthulhu game). It's good to know that they're bagging some of those figures, at least temporarily.

      Have you seen the Bump in the Night figures? I was curious about them but wasn't sure how big they are.

      Looks like TC is clearance-pricing their old games. Dante's Inferno is $5!

    2. The Cthulhu game is a great pick up. 50 cultists that easily become evil wizards/ druids/priests...or even cultists ;) the 50 creature figures (I won't even try to spell their Lovecraftian name) are a little awkward, but can be used for modding- for example, my campaign world's evil horde consist of misophaes, which are a combination of Morlocks and the xenoforms from alien- the heads from the "creatures" can be converted to a shape very similar to that of the zenoform's.

      I do have the Bump in the Night figures-TC was selling those at Gen Con as well (very cheaply, I might add). Some are a bit goofy like the phantom holding its own head, but are modifiable, while others, such as the Reaper, are useable as is