Saturday, March 8, 2014

Beasties 3x3

Some quick paintjobs for a project I'm working on. I'll reveal what it is when the time comes; your fairly useless hints are the names of the monsters, and the fact that I painted three of each. I'm not a very fast painter usually, but I got these guys done in about a week. Just some simple block colors, lots of drybrushing, and some "magic" washes. My magic wash blend could have been a little darker, but overall I like the results.
Gargoyles, and not the nice kind that fight morally ambiguous plutocrats played by Jonathan Frakes. These are Twilight Creations demons, with one headswap and one horn clipping for a bit of variety.

More Twilight Creations demons who will serve as ghouls (note the tasty hand snacks, or "finger food" as the Crypt Keeper would probably say). A simple headswap for one and a repose for another again adds variety to the figures.

Some ectoplasmically green wraiths, made principally from Caesar Miniatures undead, with a HaT Gallic Command figure loaning its body.
I've got some hobgoblins in progress made from Caesar Miniatures orcs, but they've been slow going. The gang here was pretty simple, but I think they turned out well, and it was nice to get something done quickly for once.

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