Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kickstarter Bones minis are shipping: get 'em while they're secondhand!

Photo credit to Stuart at Redditch Wargaming Society forums
You may have heard about a certain Kickstarter campaign for a certain line of plastic minis from a certain miniature company. It ended months ago, but the orders are finally shipping. The good news for those of us who didn't pony up for the full $100 Vampire level pledge is that some folks are certainly going to try to resell minis they don't want at a fraction of what they'll go for at retail. One guy on eBay is already selling his excess Bones at about a third of the likely MSRP cost for single minis, and others are bound to follow. If you're interested in these minis and missed the Kickstarter, I recommend saving an eBay search for "Reaper Bones" and checking out the results every day (I don't recommend buying from the guy selling full Vampire packages on the promise that he'll ship whenever he gets his order, by the way. It would be complicated to contest if your order never shipped.).

I wonder if this secondhand market is going to hurt Reaper, but as they aren't going to start selling the new Bones until after they ship all the Kickstarter orders, I think they'll be okay. The supply of secondhand minis ought to be dissipated, and the bargain-hunters sated, by the time the new Bones are ready for the general public.


  1. I don't think the second hand market will hurt them at all. A good friend of mine is sending me almost half of what he's getting from the Kickstarter-for free. I'll always shop Reaper as I love their mini's.

  2. I am considering doing this myself - after I cherry pick the ones I really want of course.