Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pics, previews of new Alliance minis!

We know that Alliance is coming out with new fantasy sets, namely half-orcs, Amazons, and zombies. This coincides with this year's release of the new sets from Caesar, so this is shaping up to be a great year for 1/72 fantasy.

I was looking for info on these new sets at the 1/72 group on, a Russian social site that seems to be a great source for 1/72 news that doesn't always make it to the English-speaking part of the web. And I found these pics! Here are some masters from one of the zombie sets:

These seem to be more modern, but they look like they'd complement the new Caesar zombies quite nicely. A lot of kid zombies in this set, which I find slightly discomfiting for some reason. But they definitely look good in a duly horrible way. There's also some box art to see, but it doesn't tell you much about the figures.

No preview pics of the Amazons, but there is a preview of the box art. I suppose it's NSFW, so I'll just link to it. It does give a bit of an idea what the figures will be like; definitely Greek in style, maybe a little more cheesecake than it has to be. I am looking forward to seeing what the actual figures will be like. There will be two sets, by the way; one for infantry, and one cavalry.

The post I found these in describe the sets' release date as "not soon," but hopefully there will be some more info available soon enough!


  1. a good new for the zombies fans ... I'm not ! the art-box is frightening !
    kids zombies are disturbing ....
    I'm more interested with the Amazons ... it could be an interesting source of female figures !

  2. Love them... I just have a really big problem: I have tons of 15mm and a lot of 28mm minis... and tons of terrain pcs for them. Is it time to start a brand new scale?
    Maybe it is... damn! :)

    1. Do it, 20mm is the way! I really like the look of these new sets, I've been dying to see a picture of them so thanks for finding it.

  3. I've seen some pictures of the Lizardmen and Ratmen ... it seems they are available from some retailers:

  4. Its kind of amazing how difficult it is to find information for some of these companies, Caesar Miniatures especially. Thanks for keeping us updated!

    I was hoping they would go a more kind of Scythian route with the Amazons, but at least they have a horse archer, however unarmored she might be.

  5. Hey thanks for the Info. I just got some of the nice Caesar Zombies very well made. They have very Cool Boss Zomboy he is nice looking looks like he was Big Soldier Sgt I bet kind that liked to yell a lot lol. Anyhow some nice Plastic and Diecast coming out of Russia now. I love the RoboGear stuff. Great 28mm Sci Fi miniatures they are even Articulated. I have used them very well with my Starship Troopers miniatures. The RoboGear Vehicles are very nice to:-) they take a little work but are Great I think. Anyhow keep up the Great Blog! Take care Cheers Greyson in USA