Saturday, January 14, 2017

Alliance Trolls comparison

Slowly getting back into the habit of blogging, starting with some pics of the new Alliance trolls. EY already has a nice review, and new 1/72 fantasy blogger Philotep has a great how-to on painting one of them. My contribution will be this comparison shot with some similar miniatures.

Left to right: a Reaper Bones "Cave Troll," Sven the 1/72 comparison mini, one of the Alliance trolls, a Bones "Mountain Troll," and a Games Workshop "Mines of Moria" troll. These Alliance trolls are big; not as big as some "normal"-scale gaming minis, but big enough to compare favorably. Even if you don't game in 1/72 scale, they're big enough to work, and at 8 figures for ~$10, they're quite a deal. Stylistically they are quite similar to the Mountain Troll, which could serve as an alpha or captain of these Tolkein/Jackson-inspired bigguns.

Here's a quick height comparison with Sven:

And here are the four poses in the set, of which there are two each. From the front:

We gonna stomp your citadel!!
 And from the back:

Oops, wrong citadel.
Flash is a bit of a problem, as is sometimes the case with Red Box/Alliance. The poses are maybe a bit flat (to simplify the molding), but not as much as they could be. And the detail is actually really good; again, check out Philotep's excellent "tabletop" paintjob to see just how nice they can look. That Bones Mountain Troll is clearly a better figure, but it also retails for over $5 (it's metal counterpart is $22!). The dollar-to-quality ratio of the Alliance figures should be very tempting. Good, not great, and on a budget, which is sort of the motto around here!


  1. Hi 1mac, excellent comparison. I read your blog for years, and I discovered the existence of these trolls here! I agree, flash is a problem on these maxi-minis, as on the whole Redbox range. But to have fantasy sets in 1/72 is really nice, I am happy with them. It changes from napoleonics :)

  2. I think I fancy some Alliance Trolls. Any big minis with similar value to those? Only 1/72s I've got that fit my 32mm minis are Ceasars goblins.

    1. Some people like 1/72 dwarves for 32mm. There's also the toy market. Check out painted toys from Schleich, Safari Ltd. and Papo (especially "toobs" or "mini tubs"), or unpainted products by TimMee and similar. Toys R Us "buckets" are also fantastic.

  3. Like the weapons and equipment on these guys.