Cheap Fantasy Minis: Stuff for sale!

(5/2/2017 update): From 1/72 figures to board game pieces and more, I've got lots to sell! Just navigate with the links below, or scroll down to your area of interest. Remember, email me at cfminissales "at" gmail "dot" com to let me know what you want. You'll need your Paypal email address plus a zip code or non-U.S. country of destination so I can calculate shipping and Paypal fees, which you'll be responsible for. Once we reach a deal, I'll send and invoice.

Also, I'm now selling some board games and RPG books of mine on eBay. Check out my seller's page!

Thanks for looking!

1/72 sprues

Strelets Normans on foot (2 sets available) $2.50. 

Strelets mounted normans $2.50.

Strelets Norman horses (3 sets available) $2.00.
Caesar Miniatures "Modern Militia" set 1 $2.50.
Caesar Miniatures "Modern Militia" set 2 $2.50.
Caesar Miniatures "WWII resistors" (3 sets available) $1.90.

Caesar Miniaturs Sea Peoples (3 sets available) $2.25.

Orion Spacemen $3.60.

Orion Spaceship kits $3.60.

D&D minis

Troglodyte $1, Sun Elf Wizard $3, Water Elemental $2.50, Water Cultist $.75 (2 available), Halfling Rogue $3.
Reaper Bones 3 minis

See Kickstarter page for pics. Use the item numbers in this listing to find the pic.

Air Elementals add-on (orange)

  • fairy 578—$1.50

Battlelore minis

Rune Golem (none available), Riverwatch Rider (none) $.90, Citadel Lancer (4) $.90
Viper Legion (none available), Blood Sister (none), Berserker (1) $.50, Blood Harvester (none).

Wraith (none available), Barghest (none), Death Knight (1) $1.

Other board game pieces
Shadows of Brimstone Goliath sprue (base included) $10.

Shadows of Brimstone CotA monster sprue (bases included) $10.

Arcane Legions

Yeti (1 available) $1, Undead Golem (3) $1, Anubian Guard (none), Minotaur Warrior (none), Iberian Wolf (none).

Warhammer Skaven bits

Accessories $5.

Spear arms (top, 2 sets available) $2, other arms (3 sets available) $2.

Other bits, $1 per sprue, 3 of each sprue available. Clockwise: legs, bodies, tails, heads.

Other minis

Cthulhu!!! board game Byakhee (2 available) $.50, Reaper Bones halfling ranger "Woody Stumpwimple" $1

Toy pirates (55mm-ish) 1 set available: $1.


  1. Hey Great blog! I was wondering if you were going to sell any figures that could work for female warriors/cleric/paladin archetypes in the 1/72 scale. I'm finding that to be the most difficult thing to find, and of course my randomized Caeser set didn't come with any female fighters ><

    1. Thanks! I do have maybe one extra Priestess of Bellona Arcane Legions figure that I could sell, and I managed to mod a few more female fighters from Arcane Legions lion riders, as shown here. Send me an email with an offer. I didn't get any of the female warriors in my Caesar set either, and have heard the same of others, so I'm wondering if they've stopped producing that particular mini. Maybe I'll do a post on female figures in 1/72 sets in the near future: Hat's "Gallic Chariot with Warrior Queen" is an obvious choice, and there are a few female minis in Orion's "English Pirates" set.

      I am going to put up a big post about using D&D halflings and gnomes in 1/72 scale soon; I'm just waiting on an order from Cool Stuff Inc. I've found that the Halfling Paladin and Gnome Fighter are both pretty good 1/72 female fighter types, among other choices.

  2. Hey ! the females on the Hat Chariot are missing on the sprues that you're selling !!
    Maybe have a look at the "Star Wars Micro machines" for females: the scale is almost good for 1/72 (just a little bit too small).

    always interesting to read your blog !! (even if I don't comment a lot nowadays !)

    1. Yep, that's right! I wanted the "warrior queens" but not the chariot: Maybe someone will want the latter and not the former? Only one way to find out.

      Thank you for your continued readership!

  3. It's a shame that I live in Europe... would love to get those DnD minis, but the shipping costs probably make it impossible.

    Keep up the good work on the blog! You've inspired me to start one of my own in order to keep track of my finished and unfinished projects!

    1. Actually, I've shipped to Europe for under $7 before. Plastic minis are light, and they're durable enough that I can ship them in envelopes instead of boxes, both of which keep shipping costs low.

      Thanks for the kind words! I'll look forward to reading your blog.

  4. two questions, Is this list up to date and if so (Second question) Can you post a photo of a 1/72 figure next to the World of Warcraft figures?

    1. Yep, everything here is up do date as of July 2017. For WoW comparisons check out this post.

      Thank you for your interest! For further inquiries, please use the contact email found at the top of this page.

  5. I'd like the death knight. where do I email you/how do I set that up?

    1. Great! The email is at the top of the page, spelled out to thwart bots.